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About Us

Healing Diseases at a Genetic and Chronological Level

Established in the year 1988, “INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE’S & NATURAL HEALING®” (IIAMNH) is a leading and trusted name in the field of alternative therapeutic services. We have incredible expertise in the usage of different types of traditional and age-old methods of diagnostics, remedial, healing and therapeutic services. To execute our services with perfection and efficacy, we make use of imported devices and instruments and also deal in the same.

Owing to our hard work and far-reaching research in the field of alternative medicines and therapy, we practice different types of traditional therapies. With over more than 100 systems of alternative medicines that are practiced across the globe, we desire to create awareness about it by participating in trade fairs, especially at Pragati Maidan. Our therapies are completely natural and work by enhancing the immune system of the person and help in mental healing and balance.

Our CEO, Dr. Rajeev Prakash Mehra is a REIKI Grand Master and Gold Medalist in Bio Energy and is passionate about helping our clients in maintaining mental and physical health in all possible ways. We can personalize and modify these services as per the special requirements and nature of our client’s problems. Our bio therapy is capable of identifying and arresting the spread of Aids and Cancer and in treatment of various fatal disorders.

Modus Operandi

We have a systematic and careful approach of providing solutions for different problems of our clients. Our vast experience and knowledge about the alternative medicine system facilitates us in adapting our methodologies as per the personal requirements and problem of the clients. Our flexible procedures are broadly outlines as follows:

  • Getting in touch with the clients personally or through other modes of communication and contact
  • Understanding their problems and concerns
  • Identifying the cause of their problem
  • Recommending the appropriate solution
  • Enlightening them with the benefits and procedures of the therapy or remedy
  • Estimation of cost and time required for completion of the process
  • Getting the approval of the patient or clients
  • Commencement of the treatment or healing procedure

Based on the effectiveness of the methodology and the therapy, we keep on improvising our services to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Our firm was started with an aim to remove all problems from the life of our clients and make them pleased and happy. We take lot of care while recommending alternative therapies to our clients so that they get maximum benefit in a minimum period. Our experts are always willing to accept complex problems and challenges.

They are engaged in finding latest and more effective solutions for fatal diseases that are believed to be incurable. We gather all information regarding the problem of our clients, before translating their needs into concrete results. In addition to that, we combine different therapies to provide faster and best results to the hitches of our clients.


Uses of Alternative Medicine System!

Alternative medicines include all forms of medical treatments with the exception of allopathy. The W.H.O experts have acknowledged and registered more than 100 practiced therapies, which are known as traditional medicines. These form of therapies and medicines are used from time immemorial and are used as a supplement for various allopathic medicines. The alternative medicine system works on the whole human body and are associated with life and culture of the people. 

This system is based on natural healing procedures and elements that offer safe treatment of the disease. The widely used and well-accepted forms of alternative medicines include Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Reiki, Unani, Siddha, Naturopathy, Yoga Therapy, Acupunture, Magnet Therapy, Shiatsu, Medical Herbalism, Meditation, Aroma Therapy, Bach Flower Remedy, Gem Therapy, Chromo – Therapy, Hydro Therapy, Iridilogy, Diet Therapy, to name a few.

Let's get Started


To analyze a case following 3 steps are followed:

  • Go thru all available reports.
  • Note the complaints.
  • Note the Results expected.

  • AURA reading based on a passport photo given by client. (Non-returnable), with full name, date of birth & signature on the reverse.
  • Report sent by E-mail.
  • The Report indicates Oral Medication / Supplements / Therapies required along with their duration / dosage & M.R.P., recommended for BODY BALANCING.
  • A fresh SUPPLEMENTARY REPORT is advised every month.

  • This is a 45 minute BIOFEEDBACK session. Analysis is drawn from approx. 7000 parameters.
  • The reading calibrates approx. 7000 parameters and records the deficiency in 0 ~ 100 % format.
  • Thus this is a BEST source for information on PRE-DISEASE DIAGNOSIS.
  • All Chronic / Hereditary disorders can be detected at a very early stage and Treatment / Body Balancing commenced.
  • 39 areas are covered which include Anatomical Parts, Known Diseases / Disorders, Metabolic / Genetic Disorders, Emotional / Mental Status, Chromosomes / Cells, Ayurveda / Homoeopathic Medication, Flower Remedies (Bach Flower), Gemstones, Color / Chakra Imbalance, Meridians / Acupuncture Points, All forms of Toxins (Bacteria, Fungal, Virus etc.), Vitamin / Mineral / Amino Acid Deficiency …….etc. THE LIST JUST GOES ON - IS UNLIMITED
  • ONCE Top 3 steps are completed the treatment starts i.e. by detoxification of the system, taking corrective SUPPLEMENTS / HEALING MEDICATION for restoring body balance and undergoing THERAPIES to undo the damage done and bring back the body’s natural resistance power to its maximum.

  • For those who feel comfortable in going thru the reports more on the line of Pathology Reports, We offer this 30+ Itemized Report, approx. 100 plus pages with recommendations on food and life style. This can be followed by Supplements & Radionics Medication to strike a balance in your Health charts.