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Quick Guide on Amino Acid Therapy

Most people have heard of several common neurotransmitters, including serotonin and melatonin (sleep), dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine (adrenaline) and are familiar with at least some of their functions in regards to mood (depression). What most people do not know is that neurotransmitter imbalances can dramatically affect many other aspects of your health and can cause or exacerbate any of the following conditions: Anxiety, Cravings, Depression, Hot flashes, Increased appetite, Insomnia, Low-pain tolerance, Migraines, Mood swings and more…

Neurotransmitters are a class of chemical messengers in the body that help regulate, either directly or indirectly, most of the other systems and functions in the body. If there are imbalances in these neurotransmitters, many bodily functions will start to function inappropriately, which can lead to a number of unpleasant or debilitating symptoms. Most people have heard of several common neurotransmitters, including serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) and are familiar with at least some of their functions in regards to mood (especially depression) and sleep (serotonin is the immediate precursor to melatonin, which helps you fall asleep and stay asleep). What most people do not know is that neurotransmitter imbalances can dramatically affect many other aspects of your health and can cause or exacerbate any of the following conditions:
    ADD / ADHD
    Binging behavior
    Compulsion Eating disorders
    Increased appetite
    Parkinson’s disease
    Poor mental focus
    Restless legs
    Weight gain
    Crohn’s disease
    Hormone imbalances
    Mood swings
    Poor concentration
    Poor thyroid function
    Sleep difficulties
    Obsessive thoughts
    Fatigue / Chronic fatigue
    Hot flashes
    Low pain tolerance
    Poor memory
    Poor weight loss

The key point is that when imbalances in neurotransmitters occur, information is not relayed optimally in the brain which causes symptoms. Most people exhibit more than one of these conditions but fail to make the connection between them. This connection is not made because most health care professionals don’t know much about brain chemistry or how to use amino acid therapy to correct the underlying neurotransmitter imbalances. We have a novel approach to help those with these disorders substantially reduce and / or eliminate their symptoms. We identify the imbalanced AMINO ACIDS and balance them.


Amino Acid Therapy Protocols By Us

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We, at MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE, offer NON-INVASIVE Diagnosis on State of the Art, latest 21st Century technology to verify the state of AMINO ACIDS and offer a solution to balance them. We are in a position to diagnose and help in balancing the same.

This can be diagnosed much before any other modern science equipment / test could diagnose.Diagnosis on the Neuro and Neurotransmitters, and correcting them is our specialization.

In most cases it goes undiagnosed, thus time is wasted and no proper solution is offered.
Type of Amino Acid Therapy, and location in the body is not important.
DR. MEHRA, with vast experience of 30 years, working with chronic cases and winning accolades (75+ Certificates & Awards); is confident that with the balancing of the AMINO ACIDS most of the discomforts / disorders / diseases can be curbed.
We offer in house NON-INVASIVE Diagnosis followed with Therapy for correction along with anti-dotes & Supplements required to stabilize the condition.

What we do / how we tackle this issue.  

We conduct a complete 7,000 parameter test which includes 318 Allergic items along with areas disturbed, causes, physical areas damaged or stressed, specific ayurvedic, homoeopathic, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, hormones, acupuncture points that are disturbed / stressed out. Along with this we evaluate if the damage is instigated by Auto-Immune, Chromosomes or Genetic factors. Once the report is ready we are in a position to identify the problem with its cause and damage to other areas as well. This gives a clear indication to assess the damage done or possible damage in the near future.

Our work is NON-INVASIVE. We work with BIOFEEDBACK & RADIONICS. FREQUENCIES from different therapies are used for balancing and repairing various damages. Whatever be the cause of Allergy or the reason for Asthma, our therapies shall take care of it all.

Being in Non-Invasive stream, we do not recommend use of any medication or support system, as this would not be a solution to eradicate your prime issue. All forms of Allergies and Asthma conditions are worked upon and cause for the same corrected. As far as possible we advise to avoid any invasive remedy.

Main cause of Allergy and Asthma is faulty and weakened Metabolism. This is due to high Toxicity with Micro-organisms. System failed to protect as the immune system was weakened, due to damage on the essential micro-nutrients present in the system. These issues are taken into account for correction along with other related issues instigating / provoking / supporting Allergy and Asthma.

Analyzing and identifying the root cause of damage, discomfort and disturbance and working to resolve the same is our prime focus. To get long term benefits, balancing on Auto-Immune system, Chromosomes, Genes and Metabolism is also carried out.

We strongly recommend Detox procedure. This should be started immediately. Colloidal Silver Water and use of Zapper. Not to forget Liquid Chlorophyll. Radionics and Rife Frequencies for basic corrections. Dietary Supplements for speedy recovery. Therapy on Biofeedback and other Non-Invasive methods to complete the work. 15 to 30 sittings of Biofeedback therapy to resolve most issues.

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  • Complete 7,000 Parameter Test
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  • No-Side Effects
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