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Quick Guide on Endocrinologist

Endocrinology is a branch of biology and medicine dealing with the endocrine system, its diseases, and its specific secretions known as hormones.

Endocrinology is the field of hormone-related diseases. An endocrinologist can diagnose and treat hormone problems and the complications that arise from them.

Hormones regulate metabolism, respiration, growth, reproduction, sensory perception, and movement. Hormone imbalances are the underlying reason for a wide range of medical conditions.

Endocrinology focuses both on the hormones and the many glands and tissues that produce them.

Humans have over 50 different hormones. They can exist in very small amounts and still have a significant impact on bodily function and development.

The human endocrine system consists of a number of glands, which release hormones to control many different functions.
When the hormones leave the glands, they enter the bloodstream and are transported to organs and tissues in every part of the body.

A hormone imbalance can result from genetic or environmental factors.
Some infants are born with hormonal problems that can lead to a range of health issues, such as low growth.
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals, such as pesticides, lead, and phthalates, which are used in plastic food containers, can sometimes lead to hormonal problems.

There are three broad groups of endocrine disorders:
A gland does not produce enough of its hormones. This is known as endocrine gland hyposecretionA gland produces too much of its hormones, also referred to as hypersecretion.
Tumours develop in the endocrine glands. They may be malignant, or cancerous, but they may also be benign, or non-cancerous.

Endocrinologists commonly treat the following conditions:
   Excessive or insufficient production of hormones
    Metabolic disorders
   Short Stature
   Some Cancers
   Thyroid diseases

Here are some examples of what can happen if a gland secretes too much or too little of its hormones.
Adrenal Gland
Hypersecretion may lead to over-nervousness, sweating, raised blood pressure, and Cushing's disease.Hyposecretion may lead to Addison's disease, Mineralocorticoid deficiency, weight loss, loss of energy, and anaemia.

Hypersecretion may lead to hyperinsulinism, too much insulin can lead to low blood glucose.Hyposecretion may lead to one type of diabetes.

Parathyroid Gland
Hypersecretion may lead to brittle bones that fracture easily, as well as stones in the urinary system.
Hyposecretion may lead to involuntary muscle contractions, or tetany, caused by low levels of calcium in plasma.

Thyroid Gland
Hyperthyroidism most often stems from Graves' disease. It can lead to accelerated metabolism, sweating, arrhythmia or irregular heart beat, weight loss, and nervousness.
Hypothyroidism may lead to tiredness, weight gain, depression, abnormal bone development, developmental delay, and stunted growth.

Pituitary Gland
Hypersecretion may lead to gigantism, or excessive growth.
Hyposecretion may lead to slow bone growth and short stature.

Thymus Gland
Hypersecretion may lead to an overactive immune system which overreacts to perceived threats. This may result in an autoimmune disease.
Hyposecretion may lead to a weakened immune system, where the body is unable to fight infection and easily succumbs to viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

We very well know, at initial stages there are no symptoms. It can be diagnosed only when damages and discomforts are experienced on the physical. But by then it is too late. Testes
In women, these organs make estrogen and progesterone. These hormones help develop breasts at puberty, regulate the menstrual cycle, and support a pregnancy. Ovaries
In men, the testes make testosterone. It helps them grow facial and body hair at puberty. It also tells the penis to grow larger and plays a role in making sperm. Hypothalamus:
This organ connects your endocrine system with your nervous system. Its main job is to tell your pituitary gland to start or stop making hormones.


What we do for Endocrinologist?

We provide Non-Invasive, Bio-Feedback and Radionics diagnosis and therapy for all kind of Endocrinologist Patients


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We, at MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE, offer NON-INVASIVE Diagnosis on State of the Art, latest 21st Century technology to verify the condition of the Endocrine System along with Glands and Hormonal imbalances.

We, run a complete 7000 parameter test which includes AUTO IMMUNE disorders and CHROMOSOMES and issues related to GENETIC disturbances, thus are in a position to guide the client of a future onset or presence of disturbances related to Endocrine System, Glands, Hormones and Metabolism.

With vast experience of over 30 years, working with Cancer patients and being awarded with 75+ Certificates & Awards - DR. MEHRA is confident of handling all types of issues related with Endocrine System – Glandular, Hormonal and Metabolic disorders. We have a solution for every Gland and Hormone correction.
The test thus helps us in taking preventive measures for the diseases and discomforts much before it can show up on the regular physical tests.

What we do / how we tackle this issue.  

We conduct a test to reveal the Genetic component involved in this disease. On having the results for the Genes, Chromosomes, Auto Immune & Endocrinal System along with Glands and Hormone imbalances, we are in a position to assess the damage done or possible damage in the near future.

Our work is NON-INVASIVE. We work with BIOFEEDBACK and RADIONICS.Imbalance on the Endocrinal System – Glands and Hormones or a metabolic disorder, every aspect is diagnosed and correction for the same is administered.

Being in NON-INVASIVE stream, we do not recommend use of any medicines, as they would not correct the issue nor repair the damage done. Surgery for what so ever reason is completely ruled out.

Basic cause of disturbance in the Endocrine System is the improper functioning of the Glands and Hormonal discharge and inadequate hormonal balancing. This can be linked to GENETIC factors, thus by working on the root cause and stabilizing the GENES, CHROMOSOMES, AUTO-IMMUNE disorders and all parameters related with Endocrine System, we are in a position to activate and stabilize the Endocrine system along with the Glands and Hormones.


We strongly recommend DETOX procedure. This should be started immediately. COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER and use of ZAPPER. Not to forget Liquid Chlorophyll. RADIONICS and RIFE FREQUENCIES for basic corrections. Dietary Supplements for speedy recovery. NON-INVASIVE therapy is administered, which could take 20 to 60 sittings depending on the individual’s resistance from within and the body’s ability to HEAL.

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