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Female Cancer Treatment

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Quick Guide on Female Cancer Treatment

Cancer, also called malignancy, is an abnormal growth of cells. There are more than 200 types of cancer, including breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphoma. Symptoms vary depending on the type.

Gynecologic cancers are the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells originating in the female reproductive organs, including the cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, vagina and vulva.

• Breast Cancer
• Cervical Cancer (lower part of the uterus)
• Endometrial Cancer / Uterine
• Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (GTD)
• Ovarian Cancer (female reproductive glands)
• Primary Peritoneal Cancer
• Vaginal Cancer
• Vulvar Cancer

1. Breast changes
2. Bloating
3. Between-Period Bleeding
4. Skin Changes
5. Blood in Your Pee or Stool
6. Changes in Lymph Nodes
7. Trouble Swallowing
8. Weight Loss Without Trying
9. Heartburn
10. Mouth Changes
11. Fever
12. Fatigue
13. Cough
14. Pain
15. Belly Pain and Depression

We very well know, at initial stages there are no symptoms. It can be diagnosed only when revealed on the physical. But by then it is too late.


What we do for Female Cancer Treatment?

We provide Non-Invasive, Bio-Feedback and Radionics diagnosis and therapy for all kind of Female Cancer Treatment Patients


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We, at MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE, offer NON-INVASIVE Diagnosis on State of the Art, latest 21st Century technology to verify the onset or presence of CANCER & Cancer affected areas.

We, run a complete 7000 parameter test which includes AUTO IMMUNE disorders and CHROMOSOMES and issues related to GENETIC disturbances, thus are in a position to guide the client of a future onset or presence of CANCER and its spread in the system. Special attention is given to female reproductive areas, to access the damages, if any

With vast experience of over 30 years, working with Cancer patients and being awarded with 75+ Certificates & Awards - DR. MEHRA is confident of handling all types of GENETIC Disorders. Type of Genetic disorder does not matter, we take care of them all.
The test thus helps us in taking preventive measures for the disease much before it can show up on the regular physical tests.

What we do / how we tackle this issue.  

We conduct a test to reveal the Genetic component involved in this disease. On having the results for the Genes, Chromosomes, Auto Immune & Cancer specific areas, we are in a position to assess the damage done or possible damage in the near future.

Our work is NON-INVASIVE. All types of Genetic Disorders are scanned and worked upon. Almost all types of Genetic Diseases and Disorders can be worked upon and stabilized. We work to repair the issues and stop any damage to the DNA

Being in NON-INVASIVE stream, we do not recommend Chemo-Therapy, Radiation, or Surgery. As far as possible we advise to avoid removal of any Body Part.

Lymphatic Drainage is helpful, particularly for Breast Cancer

Basic cause of CANCER is mainly due to GENETIC factors, thus by working on the root cause and stabilizing the GENES, CHROMOSOMES, AUTO-IMMUNE disorders and all parameters related with CANCER, we are in a position to eradicate the CANCER cells without any side effects or danger to client’s life. Information on the spread of cancer cells in the system is important to tackle it from each and every cell / organ which it has invaded.

Genetic Disorder usually is hereditary, but a wrong lifestyle too could be responsible. To stabilize the condition we work on the Genetic factors, Chromosomes, Autoimmune Disorders and all such areas required to balance the condition. Corrective measures are taken for issues instigating / provoking / supporting GENETIC DISORDER.

Main causes of activating CANCER are lack of Oxygen supply, Hypoxia and Acidosis. These issues are taken into account for correction along with other related issues instigating / provoking / supporting CANCEROUS Cells.

We strongly recommend DETOX procedure. This should be started immediately. COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER and use of ZAPPER. Not to forget Liquid Chlorophyll. RADIONICS and RIFE FREQUENCIES for basic corrections. Dietary Supplements for speedy recovery. NON-INVASIVE therapy is administered, which could take 20 to 60 sittings depending on the individual’s resistance from within and the body’s ability to HEAL.

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